Inaugration of SRI ERSDA Executives

The official swearing-in of ERSDA Executives and the inauguration of the Eastern Region Scrap Dealers Association (ERSDA) brought a sense of purpose and excitement at the ERSDA Regional Office located at Zongo Market, Koforidua. This was a turning point, reaffirming the association's dedication to quality and environmentally friendly methods to managing e-waste, with the continuous help of Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI), the Swiss Embassy in Ghana's project implementation agency.

World Resources Forum, Mountain Research Institute (MRI), Oeko-Institut e.V., Ghana National Cleaner Production Center (GNCPC), and other relevant stakeholders and other dignitaries including the E-waste Fund Management, Command Center for the Eastern Regional Police, MESTI, MESTI-PIU, Office of the Regional Chief Imam and EPA were present for this event.

GNCPC, a core stakeholder in the e-waste sector of Ghana is committed to continually provide technical support to ERSDA as it navigated it's part to contributing its quota to the sustainable and responsible waste management practices.




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