RECP (Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production)

The Ghana National Cleaner Production Center's mandate is to develop and implement projects and activities that will promote Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) activities in areas of energy, water, raw-material efficiency and waste management practices in industries, increasing Competitiveness.

This result in the;

    • Efficient use of natural resources, including materials, water and energy
    • Minimization of wastes and emissions, including those discharged to water, air or on land
    • Reduction of risks to humans and environment from use of chemicals and disposal of chemicals used in industry.

Most often industries do not have a very accurate sense of where and how much raw materials, utility or waste is being used or generated. The Ghana National Cleaner Production Center provides systematic approaches to industries to ascertain What, Where  and How much  is being used or generated in order to assess appropriate options to reduce the usage or generation.

RECP Assessment Services to Industries and Sectors:

Ghana Cleaner Production Center (GNCPC) assess Industries and Sector's processes and facilities in order to identify opportunities for saving through the implementation of RECP improvement options. It's aimed at assisting the industry to reduce its current resource utilisation in terms of energy, water and materials, as well as minimisation of waste.

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