Training Courses


Industrial Symbiosis is an association between two or more industrial facilities in which the waste or by-product of one becomes the raw material for another.Applying the principles of industrial symbiosis to business practices enables companies and industries to utilise material streams,water,energy and other assets more efficiently,yielding greater overall productivity.

This approach enables businesses to find reuse outlets for effluents and recoverable energy streams, and can optimise the use of industrial assets, improve logistics, and increase knowledge transfer; creating a demand pull on eco-innovation – in effect increasing the productivity of all available resources.


Our training and capacity building services are designed to improve industry's internal capabilities through the application of industrial synergies in order to increase productivity,reduce cost,develop new business ideas and importantly improve environmental performance.

The training covers:
•Introduction to industrial symbiosis
        -benefits of industrial symbiosis
        -initiatives enabling profitable industrial symbiosis 
        -current industrial symbiosis activities
• Standard approach to data collection.
•Sources of information within your company.
•Generating a process map.
•Prioritising your data.
•Completing a decision matrix for next steps.
•Post course follow up and support.