Promotion of Biogas Technologies Project

The Promotion of biogas technologies project is being implemented by the Ghana National Cleaner Production Centre and was approved by UNEP with funding from the European Union to promote biogas technologies in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. About 95% of residents in Ghana depend on on-site stand-alone treatment systems to meet their sanitation needs of which the people of the action areas indicated are no exception.

The contents of these sanitation facilities whether domestic, industrial or the hospitality sector, have rich methane gas potential but are dislodged and disposed of indiscriminately into the open environment with its attendant public health implications.

The project will provide an opportunity to develop capacity within the District Assembly for the use of biogas technology to manage faecal sludge while creating the opportunity for income generation. In addition, the project provides model opportunity to eliminate physical handling of faecal sludge and consequently provide an environmentally sound faecal sludge management for the MMDAs.

In addition, income from design and construction of the biogas technologies for craftsmen and sale/savings from the gas generated for the beneficiaries of the technologies and the use of the gas for cooking, lighting and heating would improve the socio-economic conditions of the populace.

The project also addresses the issue of climate change with the reduction in the discharge of the methane into the atmosphere.

Biogas Digester (Waste to energy solution)